A garage hotrodder can figure out which carburetor is best for his ride. Gary Burger wrote an entire article on calculating the proper CFM carburetor for your ride in Motortend. However, installing and calibrating a carburetor can be tricky. A good hot rod shop can assist you with the selection and installation in your ride. One that we use often is the Edelbrock Performer series. Hot Rod Performance with Edelbrock Performer 1406 Carburetor is assured.

In automotive restoration and modification, finding the ideal concoction of original charm and improved performance is akin to discovering gold. Additionally, this quest is particularly resonant for classic car enthusiasts, who are often torn between preserving the authentic essence of their beloved vehicle and yearning for better drivability and power. Enter the solution to this conundrum: the Edelbrock Performer Carburetor 1406. Designed with a keen eye for the specific needs of engines for hotrods, the 1406 doesn’t merely serve as an additional part. It is a pivotal gateway to optimizing your classic car’s engine capabilities without forsaking its timeless allure.

Key Features and Benefits of the Edelbrock Performer 1406

The Edelbrock Performer Carburetor 1406 is a masterpiece of engineering conceived to enhance horsepower and torque. The carburetor will thereby invigorate your classic car with newfound energy.

Quick and Reliable Starts: Its integrated electric choke feature guarantees consistently quick starts under any weather condition. Quick and reliable starts are a boon for classic car owners who prioritize dependability and readiness.

Ease of Maintenance: The carburetor sports a two-piece design, markedly simplifying cleaning and maintenance. This deliberate design choice saves enthusiasts both time and labor, facilitating more joy in driving and less mandatory upkeep.

Optimized Performance Calibration: Specifically tuned for performance, the 1406 strikes an exemplary balance between fuel efficiency and power output. Additionally, this precise calibration caters to those who enjoy long drives or utilize their classic cars for daily commuting, ensuring a seamless blend of performance and practicality.

Aesthetic Enhancement: Beyond its operational advantages, the 1406 features a sleek, satin-finish aluminum body that promises exceptional performance. Additionally, it also significantly boosts the under-the-hood aesthetics of any classic car.

Elevate Your Hot Rod’s Performance with the Edelbrock Performer 1406 Carburetor

Abell 1934 Ford Hot Rod performance in the 5.0 Engine with Edelbrock 1406 carburetor www.floridarodshop.com The transformation bestowed by the Edelbrock 1406 extends beyond theoretical benefits, manifesting in tangible improvements to vehicle performance and owner satisfaction. Take, for example, one of our customer’s testimonial about the Edelbrock Performer1406 carburetor on his 1934 Ford and its impeccable performance. After we installed it on his streetrod, he praised the carburetor for making the ’34 Ford start easily even when it has sat for long periods. Additionally, he was thrilled at the responsiveness of the carburetor on the road, too. The Edelbrock 1406 Performer carburetor provided the right power for great cruising and rapid acceleration.

The customer selected the highly polished model for his ride, providing a great complimentary touch to the already polished engine compartment. Furthermore, the customer was happy that the carburetor was just the right height for this installation as it allowed for a polished air cleaning to rest on top of the carburetor and plenty of space between it and the car’s hood. While this smaller CFM carburetor may not be satisfactory for every application, fortunately, Edelbrock manufactures larger carburetors for restorations requiring more power. This feedback underscores the 1406’s contribution towards enhancing the vehicle’s operation and the overall ownership experience.

Inside the Edelbrock Performer 1406 Technical Specs

  • Brand: Edelbrock
  • Manufacturer’s Part Number: 1406
  • Product Line: Edelbrock Performer Carburetors
  • Type: Carburetors, 600 CFM, Gasoline, with a Four-Barrel Square Bore Flange
  • Choke Type: Electric to ensure usability in varied climates
  • Number of Barrels: 4 for enhanced fuel mixture
  • Fuel Inlets: Single for straightforward fuel delivery
  • Jet Sizes: Primary at 98, Secondary at 95, promising balanced power
  • Build Material: Satin-finish Aluminum for durability and aesthetic appeal
  • Measurements: Carburetor Height – 3.250 in.
  • Additional Notes: Calibrated for mild performance with an emphasis on economy. Does not include brake booster fitting.

Designed for enthusiasts who value aesthetics and performance, the Edelbrock 1406 is not merely an alteration to your classic car but an upgrade to its soul.


In pursuing historical authenticity with modern performance, the Edelbrock Performer Carburetor 1406 is an exemplary choice for classic car enthusiasts. Providing a blend of reliability, power improvement, easy maintenance, and under-the-hood elegance, it ensures that your vintage vehicle remains timeless in its appeal while meeting today’s standards for drivability and efficiency. Whether you’re cruising through the streets of Florida, showcasing your vehicle at a rod shop, or participating in a hot rod restoration project, incorporating the Edelbrock 1406 is a testament to your commitment to excellence in classic car performance.

Classic car modification is a delicate art that balances history with innovation. With the Edelbrock 1406 carburetor, enthusiasts can tread this fine line with confidence, ensuring that their cherished vehicles continue to turn heads and ignite passions, mile after memorable mile.

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