Quality Paint & Body Work


1934 Chevrolet Standard 6″ Chop

Quality Paint & Bodywork is what Florida Rod Shop is about. The 1934 Chevy streetrod came into our shop for mechanical and electrical work, but we did a complete quality paint and bodywork restoration.  Once completed the owner wanted to make it her own with a custom Candy Paint Job. After careful review with our client, we decided on a custom proprietary PPG color developed by Florida Rod Shop as a one-off color. We agreed never to disclose our formula. As you can see this paint simple explodes in the sun. This car is a proven show winner with literally hundreds of trophies.


Quality Paint & Bodywork with Flames & Pinstriping

This car featured a PPG Base Coat Clear Paint System with custom one-off hand-laid flames.

To top off this glass finish we added period correct hand painted custom pinstriping.





Quality Paint & Bodywork Precision

If you have the ideas, we can put them into paint. How about these Zebra Stripes with a twist on this bike? Just plain Wow!

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Our Mission Statement

Florida Rod Shop Inc. was founded to provide the highest quality service for Street Rods, Resto Rods, Custom Show Cars, Muscle Cars & Exotics. We are to perform the work to the highest standards in a timely basis. Our builds are to be of the highest standards including innovation of design and execution.

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